Cypressa Tahini
Made in the Traditional Way

Our premium tahini is made from only the finest Ethiopian and Sudanese sesame seeds, which are milled in the traditional way by our long established partner in Greece. Cypressa tahini is made using 100% sesame seeds. The traditional "clash" process is used to remove the outer husk. Seeds are then roasted to enhance the flavour before finally being ground with granite plates to produce the oily paste that is tahini.


Perfect for Creamy Hummus

Our range includes organic and non-organic varieties, all with the smooth, intense taste you expect from the finest Cypressa tahini. Tahini is a magical and versatile ingredient – it can be used on its own as a spread or can create rich dips, hummus and dressings or even enhance the sweetest desserts, cakes and cookies.

Cypressa Tahini
A Selection From Our Range