Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits

Cypressa Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits
Great Variety of Nuts

Packed full of nutrients, our wide range of finest nuts, seeds and dried fruits is sourced from our specialist partners across the world. Powerhouses of protein, our nuts are available in single varieties or our signature mixes, plain or roasted. Choose from roasted and salted almonds, crunchy chilli corn, juicy raisin mixes and many more.


Healthy Snack

Nuts and seeds together with dried fruits, make a wonderful and convenient snack food. They are also often used in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine to add flavour and crunch to raw and cooked foods, whether part of an appetizer, an addition to salads, a feature of the main meal or sprinkled over a dessert.

Cypressa Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits
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