A New Look To Celebrate Our Sunshine Flavours

We are really proud to introduce our new packaging design! Inspired by the vibrant colours of the sun-drenched lands of the Mediterranean where our authentic foods are grown, our new packaging design will inspire you to cook even more delicious authentic meals.

Just be assured our quality has remained the same!

The illustrations in our packaging

Long-lasting relationships with our trusted producers and growers in the Mediterranean and beyond have always been key for Cypressa, and it will always be. The inspiration behind our new packaging has been the landscapes where our farmers lovingly harvest and cure the best of the crop for Cypressa.

Cypressa Tahini

Inspired by the landscapes of Ethiopia and Sudan, where the finest sesame seeds used in our products are cultivated, our new Tahini packaging has a vibrant warm look. You will find the authentic flavour and colours of these lands in each jar of Tahini.

Olives & Olive Oil

The inspiration for our new Olive and Olive Oil packaging comes from the olive groves of the Mediterranean, where our trusted producers hand harvest and cure the best of the crop for Cypressa. From ancient family farms in the northern Greece to the sun-drenched groves of Sicily and Andalucia, our new design celebrates the sunshine lands where our olives are lovingly farmed and harvested.

Cypressa Antipasti

Our new antipasti design illustration is inspired by the seas, shorelines, and skies of the Mediterranean coastline. These sunny climates produce an abundant array of colourful fruits and vegetables.


During a visit to Stefanos, a local sheep farmer in Greece, we were inspired to bring to life the fertile plains of Greece and Cyprus on our new look Cheese packaging. Our range extends across fine feta, halloumi and ricotta; and it’s the local provenance of the milk and production, together with the skills and experience of the producers, that define the high quality and distinctive flavour of Cypressa cheese.

Cypressa Nuts & Pulses
Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits, Cereals & Pulses

The farming landscapes and Cypressa trees provide the inspiration of our new Nuts and Pulses packaging. Packed full of nutrients and powerhouses for protein; we wanted to bring to every pack a connection back to the lands where they are grown.