Green Lentils

Green Lentils

Green lentils are finer than other lentils and remain firm after being cooked. Add some onions and lemon dressing with olive oil to make quick and light lentil salad. Ideal for using in soups, stews and dhals.




12 x 500g

(Product code: 10085)


6 x 1kg

(Product code: 25008)


6 x 1.5kg

(Product code: 24120)


25kg bags (Bulk)

(Product code: 14045)


Where to buy?

Selective ASDA stores across the UK as well as independent shops & wholesalers



Recipe ideas:

Vegan green lentil hash

Green lentil fitters

Green lentil risotto

Green lentil curry

Lentils & veg soup

Lentil & veg chilli?